I would like to see how much i can bet before committing to it.

Say for example my limit is at 1000€ and i have less on my account, in that case i must first make the deposit and then after that hope it will be accepted and if it isn't (and i only made it specifically for that match) the money is just left there hanging... My suggestion is that when you write in the sum you want to bet there would be a little autotext under it saying "maximum bet on this game is X" even before you proceed to the checking & accepting stage if it happened to be too large - irrespective of how much you have on your account.

I´m not saying that this is bad idea but is it really necessary?

You can always bet it with what you have in your account and if it goes thru, deposit and try to bet it again with the rest of the amount you wanted to.

Even if it doesn´t get accepted right away, you can still get it manually approved which wouldn´t show in your request of displaying the max amount anyways.

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